Delaware Restaurant Association

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Corporate biography. The Delaware Restaurant Association recognizes Sam Calagione of Dog Fish Head Brewery as their Cornerstone Award Winner.


Using only interviews against black and scanned photographs as B-roll, our mission was to create an interesting biographical award video featuring Sam Calagione, the founder of Dog Fish Head Brewery in Milton, DE.


With no time for a location scout, we entered the brewery to discover exposed and noisy duct work throughout the building, finding only one small room that provided adequate sound for recording interviews. Even worse, that room was fully exposed to natural light on three sides, which eliminated our ability to control the lighting for the interviews. What to do?

Across the hall in their shipping department, we found huge roles of bubble wrap and proceeded to cover each wall entirely. The wrap not only served to diffuse all the natural light, but also helped eliminate the ambient noise outside the room. Our make shift studio proved to be a success and the video was delivered with the highest possible production values.